Tips for preparing your home TO SELL for top dollar

It is hard to underestimate importance of good and thoughtful presentation when selling the house.

During the selling process consider yourselves on the position of purchasers and prepare for them.

Presentation  should use all the potential of the house, highlight the best features and appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

Street Appeal

The exterior of the house creates the first impression and should encourage potential buyer to come inside for a closer look.

Creating attractive front yard does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money, but it definitely has to look tidy , well groomed and taken care of.

Consider things like refreshing the front door, cleaning the gutters , creating the point of interest with well  planed landscaping, refreshing the mulch and mowing the loan.

De-clutter and Minimise the Furniture.

Consider de-clattering your home before making any improvements. Remove all excessive furniture and personal items and leave only the necessary furniture and accessories. Rearrange the furniture to create a simplified, spacious look, that most of the buyers will love. Set up the rooms according to their advertised functions. If the house is advertised as three bedroom home plus study, define the purpose of  each room clearly to help the purchasers visualise themselves in the house and give the idea how their furniture will fit in.  

You might also consider using the services of home staging specialist to rent some furniture and interior decorating elements and to put the rooms together.

De-cluttering will help greatly in preparation to moving as is a natural step in the process of packing up.


Thorough cleaning before selling the house will create the impression of well cared for home.  Consider a thorough cleaning of such important areas as:

  • Bathrooms-  bath tiles, shower screens,  soap residue is removed, mirrors and benchtops. Put away the toilet brushes and cleaners
  • Windows
  • ​Floors - clean the tile grouts, wash or replace the carpets, wax timber floors​
  • ​Clean the walls or if  cannot be cleaned, fresh coat of paint in light neutral colors will transform the rooms dramatically. Carpets and paint soak up smells  like tobacco, cooking, water damage and animals, so give it a good clean or replace it. Never underestimate a presence of smell in the house. 


Buyers will prefer the house that is ''ready to move in'', and will consider repair jobs as additional expenses on top of what they pay for the new home. Quick fixes before selling a home always pay off. Make sure that obvious repairing faults are in working condition ( flaking paint, leaking taps, cracks in the walls and ceilings, etc.)

Depersonalise and Neutralise. 

Remove all items that represent your identity and personal taste that could destruct the potential buyer form your home.

It is better to remove items like personal photos, children's toys, collections, award trophies and framed certificates.

When trying to appeal to a wide market, most people will prefer simple and neutral color schemes and well coordinated furniture and accessories.  

You need to turn your home into a model product. This can be an emotional process, but keeping the interior neutral, functional, clean and well balanced will attract more attention, let the buyers imagine themselves living in this house and help them make a decision faster.